Best Practices of investing to build wealth

Bet Out Of Debt Team

Troy Johnson 

“Troy Johnson is a graduate of Tuskegee University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.  Originally from Virginia, Troy now resides in Seattle Washington where he is employed as an engineering manager for a major aircraft manufacturer.  As a young man, Inspired by books like “The Millionaire Next Door” and “Wealth without Risk”, Troy continues to live a modest lifestyle and mainly focuses on building wealth through debt reduction and investing. He started his investing journey back in the early 1990’s buying mutual funds and stocks but over time expanded into real estate and options trading.  Now nearing retirement, Troy is passionate about sharing financial literacy best practices with like-minded people interested in building financial independence and wealth.”

Patrick Durity

“Patrick Durity is a graduate of Golden Gate University in San Francisco with master’s degrees in Tax Law and Accountancy. He lives in Southern California where he is a tax consultant and an accountant for a well-known local firm. Patrick has been interested in business and the financial markets since he was a teenager inspired by films like “Wall Street” and tv shows like “Dallas”. Patrick bought his first stock as a seventeen-year-old right after the 1987 stock market crash. Since then, he has expanded his investment interests in rental real estate and stock options in growing multiple streams of income. After reading books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Patrick is passionate about financial independence in becoming it and teaching it.”